Swift turbo (Bundle-Note Counting Machine)


High speed accurate counting
The counting speed of 100 notes in 4 seconds ensures accurate counting and at the same time reduces operator fatigue, thus increasing through put and improving productivity.
Modes of operation : Count, Verify and Batch
The machine supports the 3 modes of counting, which the operator actually needs. Thus in count mode he can count the notes without interruptions: in the verify mode, he can count and also verify the count by presetting the counter and finally with the batching facility, he can separate the exact quantities required by him.
Dual LED Display 
The 2 separate displays, provide the batch and the count number continuously, so that the operator is constantly kept aware of the count progress.
Self Diagnostics 
There is a sophisticated electronic circuitry that checks the machine every time, thus ensuring trouble free operation for a long time.
Built in stamping module 
This ensures that an ok stamp is affixed on the band of the note bundle in verify mode, thus giving visual confirmation that the machine has counted 100 nos. documents.
Unique dust removing system 
This system protects the marker and the user from dust, thus improving counting accuracy.
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