Safe Deposit Locker Cabinets


Safe deposit locker cabinets for safe deposit vaults provide solid protection to valuables, from thefts of any kind.
Fabricated from plates of prime quality tested steel
Brass Levers are actuated by phosphor bronze springs
Locks protected by a solid steel door, with no part protruding out
State-of-the-art twelve-tank anti-corrosion treatment for all steel components
High quality enamel paint coating, oven-baked under controlled conditions for scratch resistant finish
Available with individual lockers in 10 different types and over 1600 combinations
Optionally could be made available with Jewel Boxes and Renters Personal Lock
Related Information
Banks Vaults, Private Vaults, Hospitals, Post offices, Hotels, Clubs
Total Quantity of Safe Deposit Lockers(per unit) - 75 Overall Dimensions h x w x d (mm) - 2000 x 1075 x 575
Locking system
The opening of the locker is jointly controlled by the custodian and the renter, each provided with a separate key
Locks are interchangeable, so that locks of vacated lockers can be replaced easily
For additional security, a special Renters personal lock for the renter with only one unique key to prevent unauthorized access can be provided
Optionally, padlocking hasps can also be fitted on all locker doors enabling renters to use their own padlocks
Also available, accessories like movable inspection tables, step ladders, key cabinets, low settees, and steel sleepers (to keep lockers away from direct contact with floor)
As per IS 5442:1991
Approved and listed by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)