X-Band (Note Banding Machine )

Cross Banding : X-band can band on the horizontal and vertical axes of the notes. This forms a highly secure bundle which makes it extremely difficult to remove a currency note without breaking the bundle.

High Speed Banding : A the bands can be generated at very speeds, i.e. within 2 seconds for a horizontal or vertical band, the bank can band their currencies at a very fast rate.

Adjustable band size and position : The engineering design not allows easy adjustment of the position, but also ensues that the loop size is adjusted according to the dimensions of the notes that are placed for banding.

Product Specification
Dimensions 310mm (D) x 246 mm (W) x 133mm (H)
Power Consumption 40W
Net Weight 6.5 Kg.
Preheat time 80 seconds.
Banding speed 2 seconds per strap on average.